What We Do

      Providing the best coverage for each situation should not be a sales process. Founder, Craig Lordigyan is and insurance industry expert who knows how to ask the questions that others either don't know to ask or don't have enough knowledge to ask. That's why he developed, "RightFit". We use a well thought out proprietary system called, the RightFit Process that helps business owners attract and retain the best employees by providing a benefit package that they can appreciate. Typically, within 3-6 months of using our service, our clients often claim that we made a big difference in the way they purchase their benefits and that they are glad that we helped them with all of the compliance issues, especially today.

     Providing coverage through the RightFit Process, doesn't end when your plan is installed. You also get personalized attention to the issues that your company faces and in many cases we take the workload of managing your benefits off your table. Our goal is to make it a simple process and to educate your employees on how to maximize their benefits without taking time out of your day. Employees have access to our office when they have questions when the insurer could not help. All of our clients have limited free access to a human resource professional when they have questions about employee related issues. Sometimes our clients need to speak with an attorney when faced with employee related issues and all of our clients have limited free access to a labor law attorney.